Sunday, September 4, 2011


so. i am only here for a quick moment. my life has always been busy. it is now beyond busy.  it started with my sisters wedding.  we had it. it was beautiful.  football had started for the two big boys.  busy schedules and lots of practices. and lots of fun.  then football abruptly ended for one of the boys.  at SportsBoys first scrimmage of the season, on the 4th play, as quarterback he faked a handoff and began to run toward the goal line.  he planted his left foot, cut up to the right and was tackled by two other boys.  his femur broke.  many agonizing days later and a surgery behind us. he is home. he is safe. on crutches and in a wheelchair.  with two rods in his leg.  he is doing very well.  i have not processed it all.  it was terrifying.  i am totally concentrated on my family and need to take a blog break.  OldestBoy will start middle school on tues. and Baby will start his new preschool on friday.  school is still up in the air for SportsBoy.  keep us in your prayers.

little mama.

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