Thursday, March 31, 2011


are you a detail person or a bigger picture type?  myself, i am a details person.  i think about accessories first before the outfit.  accessories in a room before the furniture.  i notice hands, sparkle in eyes, the shape of lips, and dewiness in skin before i notice the shape of a persons body.  details.  i want to know all the details of my mama's chemo.  where she will go, how long it will take to administer, what kind of chair will she sit in, all. the. details.  WorkinMan is a bigger picture person.  we balance each other out. 
when i was young my mama had this type box.  at least i think that is what it is called.  she would put all these little items in it.  little houses.  tiny little things she found neat or important.  it's one of the things i really remember in our house growing up.  i love teeny tiny little things.   i have been looking for one and finally found one at an antique store in a near by town.  it was a great price and so he came home with me.  ever notice how men call their things she...weird.  most of my things are he.  is that because i am a girl?  is that because i have boys?  anyway, where was i?......

i took down the map in the kitchen.  it was giving us bad vibes. do you ever have that?  something that you once loved, now doesn't fit?   we had put little tacks on where we had been or where loved ones live.  we had a tack in Amsterdam, where my parents used to live, and where my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  it was a constant reminder that we were once apart.  we don't need that every time we eat dinner.  so down the map came.  it was relocated to the hallway going to the basement.  minus the tacks.  and it brings some much needed color down there.  and the boys can use it for homework since in is right outside their bedroom doors.  win, win.  so the type box is hanging over the kitchen table.  we will slowly fill it with treasures and bits that are important to us.  we have already put in tiny little special things.  my original Yoda from growing up, a lego robot, a clay owl handmade by SportsBoy and other little things we love to look at.  you know, priceless treasures.

that long brown tube holds toothpicks.  it belonged to my dad's best friend Royce.  greatest guy ever.  and there is my glass Shamu the whale from california when i was in kindergarten.  i was obsessed with him. 

so there you have it.  my newest find.  i am really excited to see what little details we kind find to house in here.  super fun!

little mama.

Monday, March 28, 2011

magnet project.

hello there.  how was your weekend?  hopefully better than ours.  Baby was sick all weekend.  coughing, strep and wheezing.  high fevers.  motrin.  antibiotics.  two trips to the dr.  one shot in the hiney.  four days later and the fever has finally broke.  his voice has started to come back.   he is finally starting to act like himself.  thank you Lord that it was not more serious than it was.  on to the fun stuff....

i came up with this simple project years ago(at least i think i did.  if this is your project, please don't bust my little bubble here.  just let me think it is mine.)  and have been using it all around our home.  it takes no skill and is cheap!  yay!  you can use this in any room of your house.  i especially love it in kids rooms.  here i am using it in our living room.

 the first step is to find a window type screen.  i found ours at a salvage yard.  i think it cost $2.  it has chippy white paint and a metal screen.  the second step is to hang it.  i used a nail and a hammer.  i know it's getting complicated.  just hang on. 

then, you find some cute magnets.  now if this is going in your child's room please make sure the magnets cant be small enough to be swallowed.  i'm sure you can take care of your own children but i just need to clear my conscience ok. :)   and that is all.  now you can put up all your favorite little notes or pictures, whatev.  right now Baby is really enjoying just playing with the magnets.

so there ya have it.  quite possibly the easiest project right!   fun.  fun.  thanks for stoppin by.  have a healthy, happy, drama free week!  much love.

little mama.

Friday, March 25, 2011


i'm not sure if it's the heavyness of my life right now or that we just got snow dumped on us but i am craving lighter and brighter. soft and soothing.  i naturally gravitate towards bright colors. but i think i forget about the soft colors out there. the creams and tans and greys.  love all these too. now i will never be one to have an all white house but sometimes i need soft.  here is my version....
i did a lot of glass. some old glass bottles, glass domes, and nests.  i love fawns and found these two brass ones at goodwill today. at first i thought i would paint them. brass is not usually my thing but i kidof like them.  they will stay this way for now.
here i have some old ironstone platters in shades of dirty white.  old glass bottles, a glass dome, flower frogs for spring, a hummingbird nest with real shells of eggs, and little bits of nature. my Beatrix Potter books from when i was little.  as our snow melts, our boys will collect things and by summer this area will be full of little bits from outside.

an old clock with great graffic numbers, brass fawns, a dome with a real nest and a little dutch house. and my tiny japanese bowl that OldestBoy use to eat rice cereal out of when he was a baby,  holds all my tiny heart rocks.
upright fawn with an old key and twine tied around the neck. 
the happy banner is still here. we love it. it's a great little reminder.  so that is my version of a softer, spring mantel. as always, thanks for stoppin in!

little mama.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

have you seen my spring?

this is what i woke up to.
this awful white stuff everwhere.
2 days ago my boys were
playing baseball in the mud.
not to be debbie downer
im just sayin....

little mama.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

is it bad? #2....

1. is it bad that i think its great when Baby repeats the bad stuff i say?
2. is it bad that i hate crumbs on my counter but dust bunnies on the floor don't really bother me?
3. is it bad that one nice comment on this here blog can take me through the whole week?
4. is it bad that i still think i have bad skin?
5. is it bad that i check out everyones hands?
6. is it bad that i think my mom's surgeon is adorable? Dr. Levi Downs, check him out. way cute.
7. is it bad that my husband and i sometimes communicate better through text?
8. is it bad that i want to have a banner of somekind in every room? love them.
9. is it bad that i have one of our family portraits hanging over the toilet? poster size.
10. is it bad that WorkinMan loves crap tv? ax men, fishing shows where you can't even understand that they are speaking english, anything where they are are selling stuff, have too many wives or kids, all of it! :)
11. is it bad that the anchor man on channel 5, 10 o'clock news is always smiling? no matter the tradgedy he is reporting!
12. is it bad that it took me to age 32 to find an alcoholic drink that i like?
13. is it bad that my feet are as rough as sandpaper and i really dont care?
14. is it bad that i think i am really funny?
15. is it bad that the boys and i think WorkinMan is Gru from Despicable Me?
16. is it bad that i like my teeny tiny boobies and would never get implants?
17. is it bad that i would drop $20 on makeup, nailpolish, clothes or crafts but hate to use it for gas?
18. is it bad that i want a lot of tattoos?
19. is it bad that i really want one on my coller bone, and on my finger?
20. is it bad that i redid my coffee table again? pics is awesome!
21. is it bad that i think my mama is going to look amazing with a bald head?
22. is it bad that i really want a Blythe doll? hello i have 3 kids and am 32! what do i need a doll for!?
23. is it bad that i think i am funnier than WorkinMan does?
24. is it bad that WorkinMan just called me a screw ball?
26. is it bad that i am not at all intimidated at putting all this out there for the world to read?
27. is it bad that i ran out of gas right in front of my childrens school? blocking the entire drop off lane!
28. is it bad that WorkinMan had to leave work to come put gas in my car?
29. is it bad that we both thought it was no big deal?
30. is it bad that WorkinMan and Little Mama think that they are super funny?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


happy st. patricks day!
calender made by SportsBoy.

family bank.
please Lord let us learn to save.

a special family toy.

our family verse.

Baby's lime green door.

favorite SmartWool hat.

cuff by
Robin Norgren

favorite plant.

spring scrapbook page.
great lime green
gingham frame.

my great grandmothers rocker.
our favorite chair.

update: mom is doing well. surgery was very successful. in 4-6 weeks
she will start chemo.  please keep her in your prayers.

little mama.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

girly stuff.

my mom is getting prep ed for surgery as we speak.  so in order to not go crazy with worry i am going to talk about fun, meaning less things.  :)   i have 2 great products that i am enjoying lately and thought i would tell you about them.  the first is a lovely little nail polish by Essie.  it is called angora cardi.  it is a great purplely mauve color.  but not your 80's mauve. it's my new favorite.  it's lovely.

yes. i have my mothers hands.
i love them.

angora cardi.
 my next new love is for all my natural girls out there.  after having lasik eye surgery years ago, i have not had great luck with mascara.  for some reason my eyes seem very sensitive to just about everything.  i have been using a product by Tarte that i really like.  it is called an eye lash stain.  it's the same idea as a lip stain but for your lashes.  it last 4 days! and gives me a natural look.  i love it. 

tarte lash stain.
this stain is not cheap.  it runs about $18 a tube.  but if each application last 4 days i feel like i am getting my $ worth.  plus even the "cheap" stuff is about $6 a tube lately.  it is worth it to me, you decide for you.  :)

and lastly, we went to the library today.  my boys are on spring break and are reading through books so fast, and im runnin out of money!  so we headed to the library.  these are some jems that we found in the children's section....of course the big boys got their chapter books too....

the color.
that title.

we are very excited about
this book.
cool crafts
for cool

love this movie.
love this book.
lots of great books to pass the time till we hear from nannie.  send up a prayer.  after surgery and getting well, she will start a 6 month round of chemo in 4-6 weeks.  on to the healing.....

lots of love.
little mama.

Monday, March 14, 2011


a good friend once told me to remember that you never know how your actions and words will affect someone.  i had said something sweet to her in passing and it really helped her sad day get brighter.  i had no idea. 

years ago there was a family at church from Liberia, Africa.  they had little ones, and in a new country were struggling to make it.  annie, the mom, worked nights. and had to work saturday night.  she would come in to church on sunday with blood shot eyes and looking exhausted. i was so proud of her for getting there at all with the load she had and how tired she must have been. she had other children but the one she struggled with was a little, chubby boy named b.j. (bokai jr.).  he was a ball of muscle and energy.  he would wreck havoc on anything in his path but had such a sweet spirit. getting him to sit still was impossible.  b.j. didn't respond to anyone.  he didn't like anyone but his mom and dad.   i offered to take b.j. for the services so that annie could rest and concentrate.  she agreed and b.j. began sitting with me and my family every sunday. we bonded instantly, b.j. and i.  we would teach him to sit and listen, to pray with our boys, and most of all we hugged and loved all over that sweet little boy.  he was stubborn and we loved him.  he was wild and we held him and kissed his soft cheeks. he was Gods child and we loved him.  well, b.j. is 10 now and still sits with us at church.  he no longer runs and makes a ruckus at church.  he sits still, and participates. he is thriving in school. and helps his parents.   he is a joy.  in all the times i have been huggin and lovin on b.j. i thought he hated it.  he would stare strangely at me at 3.  he would roll his eyes at 8. and now at 10 he is beginning to hug me back, just a little.  but i keep at him.  mainly because he is just so darn cute i can't stay away.  you never know how your words or actions will affect someone.

yesterday at church b.j. came up to me and handed me this card.  it is tattered. it is handmade.  it is perfect.

the verse on the left in green says:
no matter how steep the mountain-the Lord is going to climb with you.

he made this card for me at home, on his own, by himself.  after hearing about my mom. 

but this....oh my.  this is my favorite part.  it says:
miss kelly your the greatest teacher in history. you are so lovable. you give me hugs & kisses. you are the best! the most that is.  b.j.

i melted. now i know that deep down he loves those kisses and loves that i goo over him.  i gave him a big hug and told him how much he brightened my day. how much i loved him. and that i would hang this wonderful card on my wall. and that is where it is.  right next to all the other mementos of life that we hold so dear. 

so remember... our words and actions are so powerful.  good and bad.  the look you give someone, the smile while you hold a door.  little things really are the big things.

if you have a moment. say a prayer for my mom today.  she sees a specialist at the u of m this afternoon.  we hope to get some answers.  thank you so much.

little mama.

Friday, March 11, 2011

happy. *edited

i am not sure on where each of you are in your journey right now.  you know what's happening in mine and right now it feels heavy.  you might feel the same. i needed something fun and cheap to do that would give me a little comfort. help me feel a little lighter.  today the sun in shining here in minnesota, and i am going to do a little spring fluffing!  it feels a little early to get out the bunnies and eggs for me, no offense if yours are already out.  my friend katy starts decorating for christmas on nov 1st.  im sure her bunnies have been hoppin around for awhile. :)  i just wanted to pull out a few things.  nests, color, plaid, a little spring.  i started with this super cute frame from target-$7.  still havent figured out what will go in it, but i love it. 

then i just shopped my home for color.  mainly pink and turquoise.  all the nests are real as are the little shells of eggs inside.  my boys always bring this stuff home for me.  they know i love it.

our prayer jar.  which is very present and getting used a bunch right now.  a little dutch house in a nest under a cloche. logical right :) and a goodwill candlestick painted and sanded with a nest.

pink eifel tower from the dollar section at target.  turquoise t-light holder from anthro with a nest. a michaels frame with a #3 stencil inside. i added the sweet bow. oh, and a few tiny books.  gotta have books. 

i cut out some very simple letters to spell "happy" and stapled them to some yellow paper raffia.  a little crooked, a lot handmade.  perfect. 

i added a vintage table cloth scrap and some more tiny books.  i am liking the way this is coming about.  it might change, it might stay.  we will see how we like it.....

thank you for all the sweet and loving comments on my last post.  it is amazing how strangers can give you such comfort.  my mom and family read also, so feel free to send her get well messages and such too!  happy friday......

little mama.

to add that i figured out what to put in the frame.  a scrap book page of a little happy fawn.  love.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


made by

some things in our life we have no choice about.  they are just that way.  the parents you have.  the weather where you live.  the amount of traffic on any given day.  what we do have a choice about is how we choose to view these things in our life which we have no control over.  i am not good at this.  i, ironically, just wrote a post a few day ago called blessed & broken.  where i revealed that i am a glass have empty type of girl.  i think the Lord is about to teach me a few lessons in my life. 

my parents moved to amsterdam at the first of the year.  my dad was going there to start a new branch of his company. they were to be there for a little over a year.  very exciting and a little scary.  we were all supportive but of course did not really want my parents to go.  my family is a little different.  we are extremely close.  we live close. we worship together.  often dine together. and in general are very involved in each others everyday lives.  my parents needed to come back.  they arrived home on tuesday.  permanently. 

be still & know.

while in amsterdam my mama started not feeling well.  after many trips to the dr, and er.  they have come to some conclusions.  the amsterdam dr.'s have diagnosed her with ovarian cancer.  they think it is advanced.  we are not sure.  and are waiting to see an amazing dr at the u of m to know for sure.  we are choosing to be positive.  we will deal with things as they come.  for better or worse. 

in blessed & broken i wrote about how "easy" my life has been.  many people have taken their turn in the line of yucky things.  i have not been asked to even get in the line.  some have taken multiple turns in front of me.  i think it is my families turn in line.  we are in the very early stages.  some days are good for me. some days are not good.  same with my family.  same with my mama.  she is strong.  she has an amazing faith.  she knows that whatever the Lords plan is for her, and for us, that it is the right one.  because He created it. 

annelea hart.

in my times of struggle i wish i knew what the plan was.  i am a planner.  but maybe it is for the best.  i need to grow.  i need to learn to give my whole world to Him and let Him lead me.  i have not been doing that.  i have been trying to show Him the way.  pretty silly if you think about it.  i don't even have the map or know the way.  He does.  so i choose faith.  i choose hope.  i choose to spend every free moment with my mama. 

please add my mama to your prayer list.  send us your uplifting stories. send us your good vibes.  most of all, hug your family.  tell them today what they have meant to your life.  we have always known that this life was temporary.  we have always known that He gives and He takes away.  according to His will.  be thankful for every moment.  don't let them pass.  don't be so busy in our mama and papa lives that we miss those wonderful, everyday, little moments.  make today great.  make today lovely. 

little mama.

Monday, March 7, 2011

time away.

i need to step away and concentrate on some family issues. i am not sure when i will be back. i will explain as soon as it is appropriate.  please keep my family in your prayers.  god can do wonderful things and we need him now more than ever.  till we talk again....

little mama.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

blessed & broken.

this blog is fun. this blog is a nice way to get feelings out and share parts of my life.  this blog is unimportant.  yes, you read that right.  unimportant.  i sometimes go through my everyday life focused on what is not going "right."  my children are fighting.  my husband isn't reading my mind.  it's cold out and i want spring.  i miss my parents.   i am a glass half empty kind of gal.  sad but true.  i have accepted it and just have to try hard to focus on the positive.  as much as i sometimes think i am getting the short end of the stick, i am not.  i have not.  i only need to look beyond myself to know that i am blessed.  not just blessed like everyone else.  but really blessed.  i have been guarded from much pain in my life.  i have my parents alive and healthy.  i have a wonderful healthy family.  i have had 3 easy pregnancys.  i have 3 healthy children.  i have never lost a child.   my husband has a job.  i have a warm home.  i have 4 grandparents alive and married to their original spouse.  my children have 5 great grandparents.  i have a loving, supportive church family.  i have in-laws who are still married and love our family.  i have a brother and sister who i am close to.  physically and emotionally.  blessed.  

when i hear of others loss, i am abruptly reminded of how cruel this life can be.  how your whole world can fall apart in an instant.  never the same.  and i am reminded in all my flub ups and mistakes and short comings why i need a savior.  i am reminded that his grace is enough.

mary from a splendid adventure wrote a lovely post on being broken.  it touched my heart.  it might touch yours too. 
my friend shared a lovely verse that i want to leave you with...have a blessed day.  
little mama.

"the lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." psalms 34:18

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


do you collect? we do. some of the things we collect are important, like kisses.  some not so important, like rocks.  here are a few pictures of some of our collections....

books. all kinds.
kids books. adult books.
old books. new books.
love. them. all.

from the
north shore.
glass jars.

i only collect heart rocks
that others pickup
for me.
especially my children.

small glass bottles.

glass jars.
little wooden toys.
japanese erasers.

this is only
some of them.

vintage glass jars.

vintage mirrors.

so sweet.

more books.
color coded.


glass jars
with homemade

this is my favorite.
cost $3.

thanks for stoppin by!

little mama.