Thursday, March 31, 2011


are you a detail person or a bigger picture type?  myself, i am a details person.  i think about accessories first before the outfit.  accessories in a room before the furniture.  i notice hands, sparkle in eyes, the shape of lips, and dewiness in skin before i notice the shape of a persons body.  details.  i want to know all the details of my mama's chemo.  where she will go, how long it will take to administer, what kind of chair will she sit in, all. the. details.  WorkinMan is a bigger picture person.  we balance each other out. 
when i was young my mama had this type box.  at least i think that is what it is called.  she would put all these little items in it.  little houses.  tiny little things she found neat or important.  it's one of the things i really remember in our house growing up.  i love teeny tiny little things.   i have been looking for one and finally found one at an antique store in a near by town.  it was a great price and so he came home with me.  ever notice how men call their things she...weird.  most of my things are he.  is that because i am a girl?  is that because i have boys?  anyway, where was i?......

i took down the map in the kitchen.  it was giving us bad vibes. do you ever have that?  something that you once loved, now doesn't fit?   we had put little tacks on where we had been or where loved ones live.  we had a tack in Amsterdam, where my parents used to live, and where my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  it was a constant reminder that we were once apart.  we don't need that every time we eat dinner.  so down the map came.  it was relocated to the hallway going to the basement.  minus the tacks.  and it brings some much needed color down there.  and the boys can use it for homework since in is right outside their bedroom doors.  win, win.  so the type box is hanging over the kitchen table.  we will slowly fill it with treasures and bits that are important to us.  we have already put in tiny little special things.  my original Yoda from growing up, a lego robot, a clay owl handmade by SportsBoy and other little things we love to look at.  you know, priceless treasures.

that long brown tube holds toothpicks.  it belonged to my dad's best friend Royce.  greatest guy ever.  and there is my glass Shamu the whale from california when i was in kindergarten.  i was obsessed with him. 

so there you have it.  my newest find.  i am really excited to see what little details we kind find to house in here.  super fun!

little mama.

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Brena said...

I have one of these hanging in my basement! I think they're called printer's trays. I have a bunch of fun little memories on mine too :)