Friday, March 11, 2011

happy. *edited

i am not sure on where each of you are in your journey right now.  you know what's happening in mine and right now it feels heavy.  you might feel the same. i needed something fun and cheap to do that would give me a little comfort. help me feel a little lighter.  today the sun in shining here in minnesota, and i am going to do a little spring fluffing!  it feels a little early to get out the bunnies and eggs for me, no offense if yours are already out.  my friend katy starts decorating for christmas on nov 1st.  im sure her bunnies have been hoppin around for awhile. :)  i just wanted to pull out a few things.  nests, color, plaid, a little spring.  i started with this super cute frame from target-$7.  still havent figured out what will go in it, but i love it. 

then i just shopped my home for color.  mainly pink and turquoise.  all the nests are real as are the little shells of eggs inside.  my boys always bring this stuff home for me.  they know i love it.

our prayer jar.  which is very present and getting used a bunch right now.  a little dutch house in a nest under a cloche. logical right :) and a goodwill candlestick painted and sanded with a nest.

pink eifel tower from the dollar section at target.  turquoise t-light holder from anthro with a nest. a michaels frame with a #3 stencil inside. i added the sweet bow. oh, and a few tiny books.  gotta have books. 

i cut out some very simple letters to spell "happy" and stapled them to some yellow paper raffia.  a little crooked, a lot handmade.  perfect. 

i added a vintage table cloth scrap and some more tiny books.  i am liking the way this is coming about.  it might change, it might stay.  we will see how we like it.....

thank you for all the sweet and loving comments on my last post.  it is amazing how strangers can give you such comfort.  my mom and family read also, so feel free to send her get well messages and such too!  happy friday......

little mama.

to add that i figured out what to put in the frame.  a scrap book page of a little happy fawn.  love.


sara's art house said...

I love all of your spring decor! That frame is adorable!

Praying for you and our mom!

ganny said...

Littlemama, I'm reading every day. You are so creative.

Love you all

High Street Cottage said...

I love the images you've displayed, they're so colorful! I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" over at SNS link party, have a wonderful weekend, xoxo tami