Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy fathers day! yes!

this guy.
he's pretty great.
he's my dad.

he is a great teacher.
he is kind.
he will give you the shirt off his back.
he loves my mom.
more than life.

he is a strong christian.
he knows what he believes.
and he sticks to it.
no matter what.

i love him.

this guy.
he is pretty great.
he is my husband.

he is loyal.
he is a hard worker.
he will help anyone in need.
he has my back always.

he is cute.
he loves our boys.
he will do anything for them.
he is a great example.

he loves me.
sometimes that is hard.
he does it anyway.

i love him.

happy father's day to two great men in my life.
i am so blessed.
love you both.

little mama.

Monday, June 6, 2011

get this.

the best toy.
small foam water squirter.
best $2.99 ever spent.
he picked the pink one.
his father will be very proud.
his brother will be jealous.
thats how we roll.
don't walk.
to your nearest walgreens.
buy one.
for every kid that will ever be at your house this summer.
buy extra.
buy some for your friends kids.
for every mom you know.
they will heart you forever.
the mom may keep her sanity.
she will adore you.
new bff, im telling you.
kept my almost 4 yr old busy.
all day.
no, i get no compensation from walgreens.
or the maker of my new favorite toy.

much love.
little mama.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


a loving husband.
a loving wife.
3 caring boys.
a package deal.
taking time to listen.
listen to each other.
listen to what God is trying
to tell them.
taking time to connect.
connect to the ones they love.
the ones they love the most.
each other.
spending time being silly.
laughing about things only they
think is funny.
listening to the heart.
the hearts of their little ones.
the hearts that teach so much.
making their children
and their marriage
a top priority.
helping their boys become
amazing men.
this is us.
this is our story.
this is our journey.
loving the team we
are on.

little mama.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hello june.

hello waterpark with friends.
hello storms.
hello getting over water fears!

hello more baseball.
hello to gaining more skills.
hello to winning!

hello to graduating from 1st yr. of preschool.
hello to sitting with mama the whole time.
hello to hating pictures.

hello new dirtbike helmet.
hello mud.
hello fun.

hello to first marshmellows of the year.
hello to many more to come.

hello to relaxing with family.
hello sweet summer.
only 6 days left of school!

little mama.