Saturday, June 4, 2011


a loving husband.
a loving wife.
3 caring boys.
a package deal.
taking time to listen.
listen to each other.
listen to what God is trying
to tell them.
taking time to connect.
connect to the ones they love.
the ones they love the most.
each other.
spending time being silly.
laughing about things only they
think is funny.
listening to the heart.
the hearts of their little ones.
the hearts that teach so much.
making their children
and their marriage
a top priority.
helping their boys become
amazing men.
this is us.
this is our story.
this is our journey.
loving the team we
are on.

little mama.


katy said...

Love it!

Simply Beautiful Sundays said...

this is a really beautiful post, very inspiring, what I want to be! i found your blog through Sara's art house, and I really enjoy your blog!

Dewi Rara said...

happy little family. i want to have this too :) love your blog! and this post is the best one! :)