Monday, June 6, 2011

get this.

the best toy.
small foam water squirter.
best $2.99 ever spent.
he picked the pink one.
his father will be very proud.
his brother will be jealous.
thats how we roll.
don't walk.
to your nearest walgreens.
buy one.
for every kid that will ever be at your house this summer.
buy extra.
buy some for your friends kids.
for every mom you know.
they will heart you forever.
the mom may keep her sanity.
she will adore you.
new bff, im telling you.
kept my almost 4 yr old busy.
all day.
no, i get no compensation from walgreens.
or the maker of my new favorite toy.

much love.
little mama.

1 comment:

sara's art house said...

You sold me! I'll buy some tomorrow :)