Wednesday, March 2, 2011


do you collect? we do. some of the things we collect are important, like kisses.  some not so important, like rocks.  here are a few pictures of some of our collections....

books. all kinds.
kids books. adult books.
old books. new books.
love. them. all.

from the
north shore.
glass jars.

i only collect heart rocks
that others pickup
for me.
especially my children.

small glass bottles.

glass jars.
little wooden toys.
japanese erasers.

this is only
some of them.

vintage glass jars.

vintage mirrors.

so sweet.

more books.
color coded.


glass jars
with homemade

this is my favorite.
cost $3.

thanks for stoppin by!

little mama.


Mary said...

Thank you for sharing these, I loved seeing how you displayed all your found treasures. You have a gift for putting them together that has such visual appeal!

Gives me wonderful ideas!!

Terri said...

Kelly I share your love of rocks and especially rocks in heart shapes. I have a few of those. I collect photos also of things that resemble hearts in nature, I know that one is kind of weird! But I collect buttons and I love your labels on your jars that look like chalk did you do that?

Little Mama said...

oh Mary! You are so sweet. From an awesome artist like you that is a huge compliment. Thank you.

Terri- for the chalkboard labels: I took chalkboard paint and painted clear contact paper. Cut a square out and plopped it on the jar. easy and cheap. my favorite!

matchshoterx said...

that sounds much easier than what I've done Kelly... I put painters tape on the jars and painted the chalkboard paint right onto the jar. I think I'll try your way! Thanks!
- We collect buttons (how can you not- so darn cute, right!),
drift wood & shells from various oceans, rivers, & lakes (never thought to put in a clear jar- duh, how cute- thank you),
books (too many to count-especially from my old teaching days),
mason jars- love, love, love a good mason jar
and oh, beautiful finds & junk from the bottom of Les Courte Orelies at my parents cabin in WI.
Thanks for sharing Kelly- great stuff!

sara's art house said...

LOVE your collections! Great photos! I collects globes (only 2 so far!) and plates and pillows and books and quilts.

By the Bluegrass said...

I am a collector of many things too! A friend once said I like to collect collections. I also love seeing other people's collections. I think collectors are just like that.
I fist love your heart rocks. I am a heart girl. I never knew that there were heart rocks. I'd be collecting them if I knew that. Great items you have!

Tausha said...

Loved this one. :-)