Monday, March 14, 2011


a good friend once told me to remember that you never know how your actions and words will affect someone.  i had said something sweet to her in passing and it really helped her sad day get brighter.  i had no idea. 

years ago there was a family at church from Liberia, Africa.  they had little ones, and in a new country were struggling to make it.  annie, the mom, worked nights. and had to work saturday night.  she would come in to church on sunday with blood shot eyes and looking exhausted. i was so proud of her for getting there at all with the load she had and how tired she must have been. she had other children but the one she struggled with was a little, chubby boy named b.j. (bokai jr.).  he was a ball of muscle and energy.  he would wreck havoc on anything in his path but had such a sweet spirit. getting him to sit still was impossible.  b.j. didn't respond to anyone.  he didn't like anyone but his mom and dad.   i offered to take b.j. for the services so that annie could rest and concentrate.  she agreed and b.j. began sitting with me and my family every sunday. we bonded instantly, b.j. and i.  we would teach him to sit and listen, to pray with our boys, and most of all we hugged and loved all over that sweet little boy.  he was stubborn and we loved him.  he was wild and we held him and kissed his soft cheeks. he was Gods child and we loved him.  well, b.j. is 10 now and still sits with us at church.  he no longer runs and makes a ruckus at church.  he sits still, and participates. he is thriving in school. and helps his parents.   he is a joy.  in all the times i have been huggin and lovin on b.j. i thought he hated it.  he would stare strangely at me at 3.  he would roll his eyes at 8. and now at 10 he is beginning to hug me back, just a little.  but i keep at him.  mainly because he is just so darn cute i can't stay away.  you never know how your words or actions will affect someone.

yesterday at church b.j. came up to me and handed me this card.  it is tattered. it is handmade.  it is perfect.

the verse on the left in green says:
no matter how steep the mountain-the Lord is going to climb with you.

he made this card for me at home, on his own, by himself.  after hearing about my mom. 

but this....oh my.  this is my favorite part.  it says:
miss kelly your the greatest teacher in history. you are so lovable. you give me hugs & kisses. you are the best! the most that is.  b.j.

i melted. now i know that deep down he loves those kisses and loves that i goo over him.  i gave him a big hug and told him how much he brightened my day. how much i loved him. and that i would hang this wonderful card on my wall. and that is where it is.  right next to all the other mementos of life that we hold so dear. 

so remember... our words and actions are so powerful.  good and bad.  the look you give someone, the smile while you hold a door.  little things really are the big things.

if you have a moment. say a prayer for my mom today.  she sees a specialist at the u of m this afternoon.  we hope to get some answers.  thank you so much.

little mama.

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Ginna said...

What a sweet thing to remember and to have to cherish! That is a good lesson for all!