Monday, March 28, 2011

magnet project.

hello there.  how was your weekend?  hopefully better than ours.  Baby was sick all weekend.  coughing, strep and wheezing.  high fevers.  motrin.  antibiotics.  two trips to the dr.  one shot in the hiney.  four days later and the fever has finally broke.  his voice has started to come back.   he is finally starting to act like himself.  thank you Lord that it was not more serious than it was.  on to the fun stuff....

i came up with this simple project years ago(at least i think i did.  if this is your project, please don't bust my little bubble here.  just let me think it is mine.)  and have been using it all around our home.  it takes no skill and is cheap!  yay!  you can use this in any room of your house.  i especially love it in kids rooms.  here i am using it in our living room.

 the first step is to find a window type screen.  i found ours at a salvage yard.  i think it cost $2.  it has chippy white paint and a metal screen.  the second step is to hang it.  i used a nail and a hammer.  i know it's getting complicated.  just hang on. 

then, you find some cute magnets.  now if this is going in your child's room please make sure the magnets cant be small enough to be swallowed.  i'm sure you can take care of your own children but i just need to clear my conscience ok. :)   and that is all.  now you can put up all your favorite little notes or pictures, whatev.  right now Baby is really enjoying just playing with the magnets.

so there ya have it.  quite possibly the easiest project right!   fun.  fun.  thanks for stoppin by.  have a healthy, happy, drama free week!  much love.

little mama.


Rhonda said...

So cute & easy! You're a genius!!! Must come from good stock! ; ))

sara's art house said...

This is adorable!