Tuesday, March 15, 2011

girly stuff.

my mom is getting prep ed for surgery as we speak.  so in order to not go crazy with worry i am going to talk about fun, meaning less things.  :)   i have 2 great products that i am enjoying lately and thought i would tell you about them.  the first is a lovely little nail polish by Essie.  it is called angora cardi.  it is a great purplely mauve color.  but not your 80's mauve. it's my new favorite.  it's lovely.

yes. i have my mothers hands.
i love them.

angora cardi.
 my next new love is for all my natural girls out there.  after having lasik eye surgery years ago, i have not had great luck with mascara.  for some reason my eyes seem very sensitive to just about everything.  i have been using a product by Tarte that i really like.  it is called an eye lash stain.  it's the same idea as a lip stain but for your lashes.  it last 4 days! and gives me a natural look.  i love it. 

tarte lash stain.
this stain is not cheap.  it runs about $18 a tube.  but if each application last 4 days i feel like i am getting my $ worth.  plus even the "cheap" stuff is about $6 a tube lately.  it is worth it to me, you decide for you.  :)

and lastly, we went to the library today.  my boys are on spring break and are reading through books so fast, and im runnin out of money!  so we headed to the library.  these are some jems that we found in the children's section....of course the big boys got their chapter books too....

the color.
that title.

we are very excited about
this book.
cool crafts
for cool

love this movie.
love this book.
lots of great books to pass the time till we hear from nannie.  send up a prayer.  after surgery and getting well, she will start a 6 month round of chemo in 4-6 weeks.  on to the healing.....

lots of love.
little mama.

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sara's art house said...

Praying for you all right now!!!!

Love the nail polish!