Friday, March 25, 2011


i'm not sure if it's the heavyness of my life right now or that we just got snow dumped on us but i am craving lighter and brighter. soft and soothing.  i naturally gravitate towards bright colors. but i think i forget about the soft colors out there. the creams and tans and greys.  love all these too. now i will never be one to have an all white house but sometimes i need soft.  here is my version....
i did a lot of glass. some old glass bottles, glass domes, and nests.  i love fawns and found these two brass ones at goodwill today. at first i thought i would paint them. brass is not usually my thing but i kidof like them.  they will stay this way for now.
here i have some old ironstone platters in shades of dirty white.  old glass bottles, a glass dome, flower frogs for spring, a hummingbird nest with real shells of eggs, and little bits of nature. my Beatrix Potter books from when i was little.  as our snow melts, our boys will collect things and by summer this area will be full of little bits from outside.

an old clock with great graffic numbers, brass fawns, a dome with a real nest and a little dutch house. and my tiny japanese bowl that OldestBoy use to eat rice cereal out of when he was a baby,  holds all my tiny heart rocks.
upright fawn with an old key and twine tied around the neck. 
the happy banner is still here. we love it. it's a great little reminder.  so that is my version of a softer, spring mantel. as always, thanks for stoppin in!

little mama.

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