Thursday, March 3, 2011

blessed & broken.

this blog is fun. this blog is a nice way to get feelings out and share parts of my life.  this blog is unimportant.  yes, you read that right.  unimportant.  i sometimes go through my everyday life focused on what is not going "right."  my children are fighting.  my husband isn't reading my mind.  it's cold out and i want spring.  i miss my parents.   i am a glass half empty kind of gal.  sad but true.  i have accepted it and just have to try hard to focus on the positive.  as much as i sometimes think i am getting the short end of the stick, i am not.  i have not.  i only need to look beyond myself to know that i am blessed.  not just blessed like everyone else.  but really blessed.  i have been guarded from much pain in my life.  i have my parents alive and healthy.  i have a wonderful healthy family.  i have had 3 easy pregnancys.  i have 3 healthy children.  i have never lost a child.   my husband has a job.  i have a warm home.  i have 4 grandparents alive and married to their original spouse.  my children have 5 great grandparents.  i have a loving, supportive church family.  i have in-laws who are still married and love our family.  i have a brother and sister who i am close to.  physically and emotionally.  blessed.  

when i hear of others loss, i am abruptly reminded of how cruel this life can be.  how your whole world can fall apart in an instant.  never the same.  and i am reminded in all my flub ups and mistakes and short comings why i need a savior.  i am reminded that his grace is enough.

mary from a splendid adventure wrote a lovely post on being broken.  it touched my heart.  it might touch yours too. 
my friend shared a lovely verse that i want to leave you with...have a blessed day.  
little mama.

"the lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." psalms 34:18

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Rhonda said...

So beautifully written!! Love you & your tender heart!!!