Monday, December 12, 2011

im not washing any more glasses.

now i don't mean that im never washing another glass, like ever.  but im not washing 13 glasses for only the 5 of us who live here.  this is how im going to solve the problem.  while browsing pinterest this morning i found this.

brilliant.  not my idea.  but brilliant.  so i scrounged around my house to see what i had that i could make something like this but more my style.  hers is nice but a little too nice for me.  and i wanted to use what i already have here.  spend no money.  so this is what i came up with.

i collect old cutting boards.  don't ask me why.  i just like the way they look.  but sometimes im nervous to actually use them for food.  ya know.  so i have this old one that i really like.  i found some glass knobs to use as feet.  then i found some scrapbook paper that i used in place of where she has coasters. 

see the old cutting board.  then i gorilla glued the knobs to the bottom.

 then i cut squares the size i liked out of paper.  no measuring, just eye balled it.  glued them down with my glue stick and put a layer of modge podge on top to make it water proof. 

i found this name plate thingy and tacked it on with a scrap of paper behind.  this making a cute label and just kind of finishing it off.  not necessary but cute. 

so here it is all finished.  Baby's cup sits out on the counter all the time.  he uses it off and on all day.  so now it at least looks like i meant for it to be there and less messy.  my boys are old enough to remember which patterned square they put their cup on.  but you could also do letters or numbers or names.  make this yours.  its fun to see a "pin" come to life.  give it a try!


Amy @ Fig Milkshakes (Home and DIY) said...

Oh, I like yours better! Cool idea!

Rachel Osborne said...

oh man this is a CUTE idea(and execution), I might copy you! I am always so stingy and lazy I reuse my glass a million times, but the kids leave their cups all OVER the house, and we have to go searching and wash them and there's like TWENTY of the things. Sheesh. I'm copying. xx Rach PS found you via Instagram yo!