Wednesday, May 25, 2011

loving life!

i am so thankful.  i just have a great life.  it's not perfect but it's mine and i am greatful. 

we have been doing a ton of this and this...

watching this super cute movie.  we heart it!!  it's funny.  good little moral.  great music (it was produced by Elton John),  and there are gnomes.  what more could you want. 

drinking way too much of this.  it's like crack.

loving these!  my first pair of birkenstocks.  WorkinMan has been wearing them since highschool.  loves them.  i always buy cheap shoes, except my keens.  love them.  so i decided to splurge of summer shoes for me.  birks!  so comfy.


loving my new Lisa Leonard open heart bracelet i got for mother's day.  the other side has stamped their birthdates.  love, love.

and lastly,

we are waiting. waiting for new life to come out of this perfect little nest and these perfect little eggs.  thats a peak into our little part of the world.  i hope you are feeling loved, and cared for.  thanks for stoppin by!

little mama.

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Rhonda said...

Love how your Birkies let your Mama tattoo show thru. You are very blessed! I'm glad to be one of your blessings!!! ; )) I love you & am proud of you and all your little blessings!!