Friday, May 13, 2011

where have i been??

i see that blogging is taking a backseat to life.  i guess that is natural.  i am a busy mama of three boys.  three boys that are now all in baseball.  heaven help me.  we have baseball every night of the week.  and some of them overlap.  thank goodness for family!  we are not used to going somewhere every evening and now we are.  such is life.  so we have been doing a lot of this....

yes. they are both
on red teams.
go figure.
OldestBoy waiting for his chance
up at bat!

we have had a few changes around the house.  my parents were getting ride of their brown leather sofa. and we decided it would make a good fit for us.  now usually i am not a fan of leather.  but here was my thinking.... our sofa had seen better days.  it was 10+ years old and had been through three boys and a boxer.  it was starting to wear.  not pretty.  so it was in need of a slipcover or we needed something new.  that is not happening.  not practical to get a new sofa while we have young ones and also not in the non existent budget.  and i also figured that if we could squeeze 10 more years out of the leather then it will have served its purpose.  and it is starting to grow on me.   first, what it needed was some lighter pillows.  Ikea to the rescue....

forgive the awesome picture.
baby is not feeling well.

so off to Ikea me and mama went.  i only use down pillows on my sofa cuz they are the most comfy.  i was going to get covers for the pillow inserts i already have but couldn't find anything i liked so i got their fabric instead.  love the graphic houses.  so i sewed myself some covers!

i was also able to get in a little junkin.  i have had a few items on my list that i am always on the lookout for.  one being a mounted set of antlers.  i have no idea why.   so this is what i finally found...

not enjoying the wood plaque.
but until i think of something different,
it will stay.

we also found this darling little guy. 


i love gnomes.  and baby loves snow white.  so its a win win.
i know, super exciting stuff right!  so glad you stopped by.  even tho i had no life changing news for you.  it's always nice for you to come around.

little mama.


sara's art house said...

I can relate about the sports! Dave is playing softball and the boys are both playing flag football. It gets busy!

Love the gnome :)

pattie said...

I enjoy reading your blog, even when it's not "exciting", life changing stuff...everyday stuff is fine for me:) Reading your blog always gives me a smile and you can't ask for more than that..