Saturday, April 30, 2011


are you a book person or an e-reader type of person?  maybe you are not a book person at all.  maybe a magazine person.  maybe a tv person.  i am a book person.  i love the feel of a book in my hands.  i love the smell of a book.  i love the look of stacks of books anywhere and everywhere.  i love books.  i love the idea that there are many books on our shelves that i have read and many left to discover.

shelves of books make me happy.  makes me feel blessed.  books can be expensive.  may people don't have books.  i love to share and give books.  a book makes the best gift.  my mama recently cleaned out her book collection, to make room for more books i am sure.  we are a book family.  she gave me 5 large boxes of books and said that if i would take them to the half price book store then i could have the money.  bonus.  i of course went through them.  OldestBoy and SportsBoy went through them.  and then i called my book loving neighbor sue (hi sue!) to go through them.  she came down, sick even, and left with a paper bag full and a smile!  books are happiness. 

books bring knowledge.  books bring adventure.  books bring comfort and peace.  books can save you.  they can bring you out of that dark place.  they can help you see more clearly.  if you have a chance, give a book to a child in need.  give a book to anyone.  you never know how it may help or change them.  sometimes it can just be the idea of escaping from regular life for a while.  a little bit of relief from the everyday stress.  whatever the help, know it was somehow needed.  i love books.

little mama.


Rhonda said...

I'm so happy you shared the books with Sue. Feel free to share many more. I do love books too but just had too many; I such thing, right? Enjoy!!! Love you!!!!!

katy said...

I love your book shelves! Be my personal shopper and find me some! :)

Terri said...

I really like this post Kelly and all so true!