Thursday, April 28, 2011

$3 mud room redo.

yes, you read that correctly.  $3.  that is all i spent on this redo.  i re-used everything i already had.  yep, i'm green like that.  oh yeah, and on a tight budget.  like no budget.  i will not even show you what this little room looked like this morning.  you might not want to be my friend, it was that bad.  picture this: shoes(many), muddy baseball stuff, tupperware(no idea), dirt, lots and lots of dirt, dog dishes,dog food container, random jackets and mittens.  everything ends up in this tiny dump all space.  this is our main entry as a family.  all guests use the front door with the nice entry so we can fool you that we are clean and organized. :)  but our family got the crap spot.  this mudroom is in our basement so to me it always feels icky and dark.  i needed to brighten it up and make it happy, like the rest of our home.  ready?......

this is as "before" as i am willing to show.  i am all about keeping in real, but honestly.  the room has workable tile, oak trim-not my favorite but fine, and builder beige walls.  which to me just look like dirty white.  yuck. it did have a weird corner bench built in all the way to the left.  a few whacks of my hammer later and it is history.  oh yeah, WorkinMan is also out of town!  hi sweetie!   and there is Baby in his mismatched socks, that yes indeed, he did wear to school, helping me paint. 

shazam!  isn't it amazing what a little paint will do!  i went to my local hardware store and got a can of "oops" paint.  $3 a quart at my place.  it is a robins egg blue color.  horrible photos in this dark basement with a cloudy rainy day outside but you get the idea.  like i said, everything i already had.  the bench was a crib at one point.  someone fashioned it into a bench and it has sat in my shed for years with not the right spot for it.  now it has a home.  the rug is from ikea, few years ago.  the mirror is made with old red barn wood.  mama gave it to me years ago, and it has hung here but not looked so cute. 

the bookcase was mine.  gave it to mama.  she used it for awhile and now i have it back.  she didn't need it anymore and i never pass up a bookshelf.  i use them everywhere!  this one holds everyday shoes.  and in the bins are hats and mittens.  it seems like we need them year round here, so ours just stay out.  on top are some of my favorite accessories that have been stashed away with no great place to display them.  now they also have a home. 

this is one of my favorite old signs.  now i see it everyday.  under it are simple white hooks for jackets.  hard to see.  and that door leads to the garage. 

so there you have it.  i just wanted to show you that with a couple hours, less than $5, and some workable stuff, you can make a cute and functional space for your family.  hope you all have a lovely day!

little mama.


katy said...

Oh my goodness! Come do mine please!!! Infact, do my whole house!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I need someone like you at MY house too. We just moved into a smaller place and I need creative inspiration for my organizing! (on a non-existent budget:-)