Monday, April 18, 2011

hello again!

sorry to have been a way so long.  last week was very busy. last sunday was my sisters first wedding shower.  she is getting married in august.  so her fiance's parents were in town.  it was very nice to see them.  then the week was just plain full.  WorkinMan back to work, me workin at Baby's school, then a field trip with SportsBoy, and then more family into town.  my mama's parents and sister came into town on wed and left on sun.  we loved having them but their visit was just too short!  my sister, brother, and i hosted a birthday party for my mama on saturday.  there were tons of people around to give her love.  it was so wonderful!  mama starts chemo today and so far it is going very well.  keep her in your prayers.  i will hopefully be back tomorrow with a list of things that makes me happy!

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