Friday, April 8, 2011

beauty stuff.

hello all.  happy friday.  don't know about you but it has been a long week.  glad the weekend is here.  went today with my mama to the mall.  the mall people.  haven't been there in ages.  went to get my MAC makeup. come to think of it, that was probably the last time i was at the mall. to get makeup at the MAC counter.  we also went to get mama some skinny clothes.  since her diagnosis she has lost over 25 lbs.  which is scary and lovely at the same time.  double edge sword.  i am sure she would rather be cancer free and plump but here we are.  so off the J.Jill we went.  her favorite store.  she got some super cute stuff!  so now she can feel a little more comfortable in her clothes and not feel like she is wearing my dads pants.  while we were there we stopped in at Sephora.  love that place.  i was in need of some concealer/spackle.  :)  i ended up with this stuff.  love the name.  anything with balm in the name, i am all about. 

it's called Time Bomb by the balm.  it's great. it's thick.  and it covers.  love. 

on the beauty subject i have been wanting to try the Sally Hansen nail polish strips, with the patterns.  i bought the flowers called Girl Flower and I also got the butterflies called Fly With Me.  here they are...

p.s. i have no idea how to rotate this picture. 

i think they are super cute.  they were easy to use and from what i have heard last quite a long time.  Dainty Squid did a review on them and said they lasted 15 days for her.  that's longer than traditional nail polish lasts for me. i am super hard on my hands.  i will let you know how it goes for me.  they are fun and i will defiantly be trying the other patterns.

so that's about all.  i might be a little m.i.a next week.  we have family coming into town.  my mama's sister and her parents.  can't wait to see them.  it has been too long.  they are from the south and always tell it like it is.  they have not seen many of my tattoos or nose ring or dark hair.  eek! :)   i am sure i will have some funny stories to share!    hopefully the sun will come out where you are!

little mama.

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