Monday, August 8, 2011

we now have a pillar.

pillars.  can't say that i have ever thought about them.  im not much into architecture.  it's fine.  i can take it or leave it.  our house was built in 1969.  it was super plain.  being the young couple we were when we bought it we just wanted a decent place to live.  we have done our share of sprucing up.  tore out carpet, put in hard wood floors.  took out cabinetry and put in open shelving.  built a privacy fence for the backyard and a picket fence for the front.  but the bones of the house have stayed the same.

bring in friendly and talented woodworker neighbor/friend Tim.  his wife had wanted 2 pillars she thought.  after he built them she decided she only wanted one.  so they asked us if we wanted a pillar.  hmm. i guess im not sure.  but i am always willing to save good projects from the burn pile.  so i went over and had a look at hers and decided that maybe we also could use a pillar.  hers has a lot of molding on it.  ours is more simple.  more our style.  their decor is a little more refined than ours.  one free pillar, free trim and leftover paint and i now have myself a bit of architecture.  go figure.

this is the view from the living room.

this is the view from the kitchen.

this is the view from the hallway.
note i did not pick up
one thing before taking
this picture.
there are cleats in the floor.
toys all over.
real life people.

this is the view coming in the front door.

i actually quite like it.  especially for something i never thought of before.  WorkinMan really likes it so that makes me happy.  so never be afraid to think outside your box a little bit.  for me bright colors are the norm for you pillars might be.  you can blend styles very easily if you make the item your own.  

little mama.


regan said...

Ha, looks like it's always been there!

pattie said...

Looks great! And I agree, there's no "rules" to decorating; if it works for you, it works! Love it.

Pit Bull Mom said...

I think it looks great! Great job!

18b7727e-49e6-11e0-92b9-000f20980440 said...

Great looking pillar, Kelly, Looks natural...but when I first read the posting on this I thought you meant pillow, cause "pillar" is how Mammaw Ruby used to say pillow. Hope it also doesn't start swinging in the winter like Grammy's does. LOL

Rhonda said...

Beautiful...Love the pictures of the boys with their ice cream. Yes the pillar does look like it's always been there. Working man did a great job! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!