Tuesday, August 2, 2011


so.  i am not a summer blogger. 
 so sue me.  i am a great summer mom tho. 
 we are busy.  busy is good.
i don't spend much time on the computer. 
 haven of color suffers.
  but not my babies. 
 life is good.
  here is a few things we have been up to.

our cutie boys went to church camp.
with their buddy and their cousin.
they had a blast.
and didn't miss us.
not at all.
not super great for a mom to hear.
but im glad they had fun.

this boy missed them.
a lot.
thus he got to take 900
pictures of everything
and anything with my camera.
most of himself.
not bad for 4.

told ya.

we have been doing a lot of this.
and truly enjoying each other.

we have visited the new donut shop.
maybe too many times.
we heart it.
there is my sister, the upcoming bride!

we have been helping.
helping my sister plan her wedding.
nothing like having little boys help make decorations.
she is brave.
and sweet.
they Loved being involved.
we are very excited.

there is my sweet mama.
and her bald head.
she rocks it.
she also rocks a scarf.

we also have been
doing lots of exploring.
the boys were examining
a bumble bee
with a magnifying glass.
so cool these boys of ours.

so we are well.  having fun.  being kids.
being a family.  loving summer.
we just had the big boys football draft.
yes, people there is a draft.
we are thrilled.
the boys both got awesome coaches.
and WorkinMan is coaching
SportsBoys team.
so we end the busyness of baseball.
and go right into the busyness of football.
training in the morning.
practices at night.
hope we can fit school in there somewhere.

little mama.

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