Saturday, July 16, 2011

happy birthday.

today is our middle boys birthday. 
he is 9.
how did this happen?
he used to be little.
this was kindergarten.

this was today.
he is sensitive.
he is caring.
he is a great athlete.
he loves his family deeply.

tomorrow he will leave
for his first time
at camp.
5 hours away.
for a week.
this will be so great
for him if he can make it through.
he will grow.
he will learn more deeply
about God.
he will make friends.
Lord, please protect him
and his brother.

it will teach him
and oldestboy
how to rely on each other better.

we are so blessed
to have him in our home.
he has such a cool
sense of humor.
always making us laugh.
he is moody.
he is cuddly.
we love it all.

happy birthday

mama loves you
more than the moon.

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