Sunday, July 10, 2011

catch up.

i feel like that is what i do in the summer.  catch up.  we are always busy and some things fall to the wayside such as this here blog and laundry. always the laundry.  but i guess that means i live a full and active life.  winter is much slower around here but as soon as the weather gets nice or even kind of nice us minnesotans are outside capturing life.  cuz you never know when the weather is going to turn bad.  as mama always says "bring a sweater."  so here is my catchup since father's day.  in pictures and a few words.  i like words.

we had oldest boy's last tournament of
baseball.  his team took 4th.
he did great.
it was his first year.
he really put himself out there.
we are so proud.

we also had sportsboy's last tournaments.
the same weekend.
we did 5 games in one day.
it went all weekend.
we are glad it's done
but sad.
sportboys team took 3rd.
here are his coaches.
they are amazing.
such great men.
we are blessed.

baby attempted to ride his bike with
no training wheels.
he did great.
he hated it.
they are back on.
we are not worried.
i am sure they will be off before college.

in other news...
baby doesn't have a nuk anymore.
i am glad.
and sad.
this means he is a big boy.
i am not ready.

baby also started tball.
and cried.
a lot.
then i cried.
a lot.
we decided tball was not worth all the crying.
we stopped.
after 3 lessons.
we are now happy.
and not crying.
no regrets.

this boy turned 4.
how the heck did this happen?
i cannot express how this child and i
have a different bond.
it was just he and i
in the early parts of his life.
it was rocky in our household.
we would chat.
or i would chat
and he would listen.
he was a newborn.
he kept me sane.
he is why i did not give up.
he understands me.
i understand him.
he is mine.

he is such a blessing.
such a gift.
he has the greatest belly laugh.
it was 900 degrees at his party.
he is very sweaty.
this is the best picture we could get.
with the timer.
on our fireplace.
after the sweaty dinosaur birthday party.
but look at how happy he is.
my eyes are closed in 2 out of 3.
but he is grinning like this in every one.
after the party.
in the car.
he says
"tank you mama for my party."

little mama.

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pattie said...

Being a Minnesota Mama myself, I figured you were outside and away from the computer! Thanks for taking the time to share:)