Monday, January 24, 2011

Bits of our home.

Hello there friends! Today I want to show you little bits of Our Haven of Color. We love our home and have worked very hard to make it a wonderful, fun haven for our family. Here are some little bits....

chalkboard- $3. Shell- fr. Alaska fr. Eddie's Dad. Wreath-made fr. book pages. (Flower Patch Farm Girl's idea)

In a house full of kids your decor becomes Harry Potter Lego Houses!

This large chalkboard idea came from
Old freezer basket- fr. inlaws, bird christmas ornament, books, battery candle, decopaged bowl= table decor
happy felt birds.
colored pencils in a glass jar. kindergarten chic as my friend Sara says.

Duck Art- made by WorkinMan in kindergarten

crayons in an old dough bowl is our table centerpiece. we are very fancy.

See you next time! Have a lovely day! 
Little Mama.


sara's art house said...

We are true kindred spirits! Love the chalkboards!!!!!

And that little red bird on the front of the basket- I have the same one from Michaels!

Your house is sooo cute.

Kelly said...

SO CUTE Kelly! Loving the blog...

Hayley said...

Hi there!

I love your blog!

I was scrolling down and saw the pictures you had originally posted on Sara's fb page and I was like - no WAY! *That girl* is blogging now?!?! YAY!

I loooooove your decorating ideas. They are so *do-able.*

By the way, that jar you have markers in. . . I have crayons in it. I didn't copy you, promise.

Little Mama said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments! So glad you are here Hayley. Sara is very kind to let others post on her fb page. So neat to see everyones ideas. Keep coming back. I will have lots of fun posts in the future!