Wednesday, January 26, 2011

he partied like a rockstar.


As I started to write this post, it started one way and went quite another. That is what writing does. Pours out your thoughts that are right under the surface. Right there waiting to bust out. Except you didn't even know they were there waiting to show themselves. And yet there they are. Beautiful letters pushed together to make words that come together and make true feelings.
So it is Wednesday and Baby doesn't have school. We usually try to do something fun together. Our friends from preschool invited us over for a play date. We had never been to their house so it was new and exciting. This boy had a blast. He ran. He jumped. He played with a "little" dog. He played cars and airplanes. This boy ran and played for 3 hours until he could not anymore. He almost fell asleep on the way home, about 4 min. Scarfed down some tasty chicken nuggets before passing out in mama's bed. Oh to be 3 again and have not a care in the world. Except this little one does. He is missing someone. Someone very important and very present in his everyday life. His relationship with them is not ordinary. It is everything. And extraordinary. He misses them from deep in his little body and I know exactly how he feels. As he goes to sleep he will tell and ask me multiple times that "I miss Nannie and Popsie" and "will you check on me?" He will say this maybe 15 times. I will reassure. And reassure. I will hug and tell him "I love you more than the moon." And he will say "I love you more than bobcats." And he will smile and everything will be right again.


regan said...

so sad

Toni said...

Brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet, sweet boy.