Friday, January 21, 2011


So here are some things I am thinking about today. In no particular order.

Me, Caleb Hawley, and WorkinMan
 This is our friend Caleb Hawley. He is an amazing singer, songwriter and all around great musician. He is from Hudson, WI and transplanted to New York. You may have seen him on American Idol, the first night, the second person to come out, in the grey and white striped tshirt. I am just saying, you might have seen him. He has got mad skillz and talent. You need to check him out. You can google him just to read up on him. And then do over to cdbaby or itunes and buy his cd. I believe there are three available, buy one or all, you will not be disappointed. And then tune in to American Idol and lets vote him as far as we can!!

sister bear and me

This is my baby sister. She is getting married in August to a nice boy. I am excited. That is all.

boys in the Minnesota weather,

We live in Minnesota. We love it here. The change of season here is beautiful. We are very outdorsey people and love to camp and just be out. But it was -18 degrees when WorkinMan left this morning. And we are not even the coldest in our state! Jeeze. Now that is just too cold. Complaining over.

ugly but warm

So I am very Thankful for this very ugly fireplace in our basement. It is old, and weird (the thing plugs in!) but it makes heat and for that I am greatful. There are many in my community who don't have a warm home and an ugly fireplace. So i am greatful.

Mama and Dad

So these are my parents. They are awesome. And up until about a week ago they lived about 5 blocks from me. Now they do not. They live in Amesterdam. Yep, like the Netherlands people! So needless to say, I am happy for them, not so much for me. And the baby tells me literally every 5 min that he misses Nannie and Popsie. So sad.  I was chatting with a friend, Elizabeth, and she reminded me of one very important thing. She said, I would be so happy if my mom was in Amsterdam. My mom is in Heaven and while it is nice, I wish she was in Amsterdam. You are so right E. Thank you for giving me the perspective I needed today.


Rhonda said...

Hey Lil Mama!
I love your blog & the sweet things you said about your family...they love you too!! This is totally awesome that you're doing this blog. I love it.

sara's art house said...

You did it!!!! LOVE it! Blogs are soooo fun. Did I tell you I was born in Minneapolis?

Little Mama said...

Sara!! did you see my post about my Dr. Suess bathroom? I kindof talk a little bit about you! Ha!!

sara's art house said...

I love your font- and your titles- so cute.

I just read the dr suess post- I left a comment....I do not deserve your praise :) :)

sara's art house said...

...and i love your hat :) :)