Saturday, January 29, 2011

I have brainwashed him.

Yes. Yes, I have. And to be honest I am sort of proud of it. I have trained WorkinMan to retrieve wonderful junk when he sees it. And yesterday he came home with this little beauty. It is an old chest on the most awesome casters.

The only problem I see is this lovely shade of pink. It is kind of gross and I kind of like it. What I really like is the great rust and patina that is on it. So even tho I am not a pink girl, I just may keep it this way. At least for a little bit. We will see how it wears on me. Here are some close up shots of the wonderful wear.

worn corners.

lovely metal handles.

great rusty latch.

So, for now it will be crusty pink but who knows what it may be tomorrow. What is your opinion? Leave it pink with the awesome patina or paint it and lose all that? Tell me what you think!

Little Mama


katyahall said...

You should leave it pink! It's so pepto bismol! And add some cherry red! :)

regan said...

love the pink

sara's art house said...

I feel the same way- the rust and shabbiness is really cool- but the color would not be my first choice- BUT- I can see it in your house- totally.

Sarah said...

You can make that shade of pink work! I love it (and I am usually a hater of pink). :-)

aunt val said...

I love that you've brainwashed him! I also love the rust and patina. Maybe you can think of it as faded pale red!?? Anyway, it will look fabulous in you house and you will do something great with it!