Monday, January 31, 2011

total score.

This weekend while our children were at Twins Fest with my sister in law and mother in law (more to come on that in another post!), WorkinMan and I got to spend a little time together. First up was church. This has been the first time we have been to church alone since we had the OldestBoy. So weird.
Next we went and spent some time with our friend who is still in the hospital. Then we went to get some much needed lunch. Stopped in at Leann Chin's and gave our first born for lunch. Seriously we had no idea that place was so expensive. $20 for 2 of us! I was full and wanted to save 2 of my cream cheese won tons(yum!). WorkinMan told me to put them in his to go container. I did. Went to bathroom. Came back and he had thrown away my won tons and left all the trash. Awesome.We did laugh tho. And after a hard week. It was much needed.
 We then headed to Goodwill. WorkinMan needed some work jeans, but we didn't have much time. This is terrible for a junker like me. He dropped me at the door, so I would have a few extra minutes. :) See, brainwashed!  I went first to furniture to find a bookcase for Baby's room. No luck. Then to linens. Where out of the corner of my eye I see black and white polka dots. I bee line for it. Hold up this thick yummy fabric. And it is 2 tab top curtain panels, Lined!! They do have some ugly pink tassel trim, but I can fix that. Now price... $3.99 a panel! Are you kidding me. So here they are in all their glory! They are perfect and I love them and the thrift store!

Thanks for stoppin by!
   Little Mama.


sara's art house said...

LOVE, love, love!!!!!!!!!! So perfect! What a SCORE!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley said...

Wow, they are so cute!

Black may be my favorite color. :-) I love how you describe your Goodwill shopping. I shop the same way.

Could you post the quote you have in your entryway. . . the "I confess" one? The first few lines really intrigued me and I can't read the rest.

Loving your blog.

Little Mama said...

Hey Hayley! The quote in our entry is handpainted by myself. It is from a very dear friend who passed away in a mortorcycle accident. He was my dads best friend, our minister, and the man who married my husband and I. It is
"I will confess, I do not see what I believe, but I have a choice to make and I choose to believe until someday I shall see."
Royce Dickinson Jr.


regan said...

did you get jeans?

Little Mama said...

yes, got jeans!