Tuesday, February 1, 2011

side table redo.

Got this table a few summers ago at a little old lady's garage sale in Osseo. I paid $4 and it also came with a chair that OldestBoy is using at his desk. It had this original light blue paint on it and a sweet little drawer. I took some inspiration from http://www.sara-mincy.blogspot.com/ and her mantel. Here is a nice little shot.
Now, I was going to do the top of my table just like this. But once I put up the black & white polka dot curtains, I thought it might be too much black and white, as this table sits close to the curtains. So I decided to paint the top white.

Then I painted the edge and nice sun washed red. Not to bright. Love this slightly orangey shade of red.

Then I used my circle spouncer brush to paint yellow polka dots on the top. Now it is a happy little table! For all the paint I used acrylic paint found at any craft store.

Aww, super cute babe sleeping in the background! This next photo shows the table in its place in the living room with all the essentials handy. A cute lamp, a wonderful scentsy warmer and a pretty plant. Knitting and embroidery under the table in a vintage egg basket.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a lovely day!
Little Mama.


Rhonda said...

Beautiful Little Mama! You are so creative! You make Big Mama proud! (ha ha!)

Rhonda said...
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regan said...

ha, big mama!