Tuesday, February 15, 2011

our heart day.

Our Valentines day was pretty normal. Boys to school, Baby and I to yoga, and then to grocery store. I did decide that I wanted to do a fun dinner for my family. My boys love to eat. And they eat a lot. So I started by pulling all the decorations from around the house to decorate my table. Fun jelly hearts stuck to the table, heart garland, and all the sweet crafts the boys made. Then I used our regular white plates on some fun stripe place mats. We had steak, that WorkinMan made on the grill, baked potatoes, and fresh garlic green beans. I also made hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries. This is a special treat that the boys love! I also made my own chocolate mixture that was soooo yummy. I melted milk chocolate chips, vanilla, and salt together and then dipped the strawberries. They were fab. We even saved 5 for us for today. :)  The boys loved this dinner and all the little extras. It really didn't take any more time than the normal dinner I make and they were so appreciative. I didn't spend anything except on the little buckets and candy. Everything else we had. They kept saying "thank you so much mommy!" It was great.

On each of the boys plates I put a little bucket from the Target dollar section, some coke bottle gummies and a little hand made treat. I made them hearts out of felt, stuffed with brown rice and blanket stitched around the edge. You microwave them for a few seconds and they get toasty warm and cuddly.  Each boy got a different color.

warming hearts.
The boys also got a sweet surprise when they got cards from my parents. Mom had given me them before she left for Amsterdam. The boys were so excited that they had remembered such a special time.

Our heart day was pretty simple but oh so sweet. Time with family is always time well spent. Hope yours was lovely and surrounded by those you love.

Little Mama.


Rhonda said...

Love, Love your Heart Day Celebrati on!!! The table looks so inviting. Great job!!! I'm glad the boys loved the Valentine's. Even happier that you remembered them!! (you'd said you might not remember where you put them). Sure missed seeing you all but London was really fun. Really enjoyed spending time with Dale & Vicki yesterday. I'm back home, Dad goes to Helsinki tomorrow till Friday. Love you all bunches!

Little Mama said...

i remembered them, but around bedtime! they thought it was on purpose and loved it! ha! ya me!! we miss you all terribly. especially at these special times when you would for sure be here.