Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby's Room.

I have been getting requests to see more of our home. So I thought it might be fun to go room by room. Of the ones I am willing to share :) Our basement is the boy hangout and always looks like a tornado went through but it does function for us well. I already showed you our upstairs Dr. Seuss bathroom. You will go through this hallway....

Head down the hall and the last door on the left is Baby's Room. His room started out with an Owl theme. He Loves owls. His bedding for his crib and toddler bed was white with orange owls. So cute. But when he got the bunk beds, for cheap on the side of the road in our neighborhood!, we needed new twin size bedding. Off to Ikea! He picked out this fun, bright bedding with fun animals. He loves it.

This bed is not what I would have picked but it is perfect for him. 3 drawers on the bottom hold balls and shoes. Extra bed on top that we use for stuffed animal storage until he is older. He has a little black nightstand from a flea market with a fun lamp from goodwill (originally Ikea). And the bowl holds his Nuks.

This is his favorite Puppy and Owl named Kingston.  He wanted lights in his room around Christmas time and all I had were these heart lights. He loves them, his father just rolls his eyes. :) The picture below is inside his bed. I put a bulletin board there for some special mementos. His birth announcement, pictures of family and his friends. He also has special papers and projects. The little shelf is from goodwill. It holds some of his breakable owls collection. And a special cross stitch from Nannie.

This is his dresser. Each boy got a dresser when they were born and still use it now. I still have my dresser from when I was a little girl. So hopefully they will be able to keep these for a long time. The curtains came from Ikea in the "as is" section. We just got lucky that they matched perfectly. Paid less than $5 for two windows!
This is the shelf that used to be in the living room, that we moved in here when we got the fireplace. It works lovely. I got this piece years ago at a barn sale. It was $40. And worth every penny. It has been in almost every room of my house and served many purposes. Now it is here holding baskets with toys and books. Above is his collection of owl pictures. Mostly vintage or painted by me or the boys. Lots of fun for him to collect something. He is always looking for owls for his room. 

painting done by Little Mama. with words that describe our family.

This is the last wall in his room. This painting was done when OldestBoy was in my tummy. All the boys slept in this room as their nursery. We had to keep one wall of the mural to remember. Below this, is the train table. He uses it, then doesn't. As soon as I think I'm going to get rid of it he plays with it again. Not an ideal spot. But the only one for now.  And this is the clutter issue. Big trucks. They fit no where. And just look like a big mess. Any tips?

Baby's guitar. Yes, he can play. OldestBoy gives him lessons. And he does pretty well. So I guess that ends the tour. His room is colorful and cozy and defenatly played in. It is perfect for him and where he is in his life today. It is ever evolving as his needs change. We love it. Thanks for stopping by!

Little Mama.


Rhonda said...

Thanks! Makes me almost feel like I've been there visiting!! Wish I was! Will be soon....Love you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour, more tommorow please!! I love his room and your hallway looks awesome too!

Stacy Hasse said...

It Love!