Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a warm edition.

Our "media" wall. This wall is so difficult for me because I really hate the look of any television. Now knowing that we are going to have a TV, I might as well figure out how to live with it and decorate around it. So here is what I have come up with. I use the word "media" loosely because this wall is primarily full of books. That is what we really adore. OK, that and some football, much baseball and a few Myth Busters thrown in for the boys.

 I started with a small flat screen TV that we mounted to the wall. I really feel bad for those ladies of the house who have to decorate around the massive TV. I am pretty blessed in that my husband  has a man cave in the garage and the huge ugly TV is out there in his space. After the TV was in place I just did my best to detract from it.  I found bookcases where ever I could. Goodwill, thrift shops, garage sales, and the side of the road :)  I painted them all with spray paint in whatever color I felt like at the time. And squished them all together.  This photo was taken shortly after Christmas of this year.

Jump ahead to today when I was doing my normal shopping at Aldi (love that place!).  I noticed a few weeks ago that they had these cute little electric fireplaces for $179.99. Very cute, very practical. But not in the budget, really. We are trying to save for a family trip to Amsterdam. So altho, we have always wanted a fireplace upstairs, I passed. Today as I was doing my shopping, I passed the cute litte fireplaces and noticed the old price was crossed out. They were on sale for $129.99. Much more doable.  I texted the WorkinMan, he gave the go ahead. And I brought that bad boy home. Now, my husband is out of town right now, and being the capable woman that I am. I wrangled that heavy fireplace out of the Denali, across my sidewalk and up a flight of stairs. With only one bruised knee in the process. You see, there is no way I could have waited 2 whole days until he gets home to get it out and put it in. That is forever! So I unwrapped and read and hooked that thing up. It is so tiny! It looks like it goes in a doll house. Not exactly the look I was wanting. It kind of makes me feel like a giant, and I am a little mama. So I looked around to see what I could use that might solve my problem and was free....enter the fab little trunk that WorkinMan got for free! Remember the one, the one with the pepto pink finish. Well, she worked like a charm!! This has solved 2 problems. It raises the fireplace so she doesn't look so shrimpy. And it puts the chest out front and center where I can see her all the time. I did end up needing to take the awesome casters off so that it would be a workable height, but I am saving those for another project.

I took out the long blue shelf and put it in the Baby's room. Solving the problem of the shelf I was looking for the other day when WorkinMan and I went looking for jeans. There is always a plan I guess! It is an oak finish which I don't really dig. We will see what the future holds for this little lady. Wouldn't she be so cute white or robin's egg blue!? That's all for today! Hope all my friends who are getting all the snow and ice stay safe! Have a wonderful evening. Off to make nachos for the kiddos. I am an amazing mom. :)

Little Mama.


Sandy said...

YES You are an AMAZING MOM!!!! Love the fireplace heater on the pink chest!!

Toni said...

Love it...and I kind of like the pink for now!