Friday, February 25, 2011

fun photo display.

I wanted to show you a cute way to display photos. This idea is very simple and uses simple supplies. I used string, baby close pins, Polaroid pictures, and tacks. I wanted a way to display our cute Polaroids and let the kids see their friends pictures in our home.
All I did was tack string on the wall in a zig zag pattern. I used 2 different colors of yarn, do whatever you like.  I then clipped on the Polaroids with the baby close pins (found at Michaels).  Easy peasy.

We take a picture of all of our friends who come to visit and they get added to the wall.  It is fun to see them looking over all the fun times we have had when friends come over. You could do this with out of town relatives, so the kids can remember their faces.  Its fun, easy and cheap.  You can probably do it with items you have around the house already.  Send me a picture if you try this!

Little Mama.

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