Thursday, February 17, 2011

our room.

Onward to another room... I did forget to tell you that down this hallway every door is a different color. The Dr. Seuss bathroom door is yellow. Baby's is limey green. Our door is red. And the hall closet is robin's egg blue. Super fun.
Opening the red door you will find our room. This room is definitely the most neglected room in our home. Only recently has it had a color theme at all. The walls are painted a blue grey color and we have yellow accents. I love yellow and grey together. I am lucky because WorkinMan really doesn't care what it looks like as long as it's not really girly and it's comfortable.
He picked out this bed when we got married from Eddie Bauer Home. Do they even have that store any more? I love the shape and the height, not the color. He loves it, so it stays. He doesn't ask for much. So I have worked around it as much as I can. The "drapes" behind the bed are drop cloths from Home Depot. We have a window to the left side of the bed. Awkward placement so that when you center the bed on the wall, the post goes right through the middle of the window. Weird looking. We finally decided to drape the whole wall on a metal tension line from Ikea. It has been the perfect solution. It hides the weird window, hides the ugly view from our less than stellar neighbors, and makes the room cozy. The bedding is new from my mom for Christmas (thanks mom!). It is a yellow and grey floral quilt from Target. We have a down comforter underneath that we use for warmth in the winter. As you can see I am not a big fan of pillows all over the bed. They look pretty but just get in the way. If it's not practical I don't like it.

This is the dresser I have had since I was a little girl. It has always been white. I painted the drawer fronts yellow. Yes, we have the dreaded old TV in the bedroom. WorkinMan likes to fall asleep to the TV. And we do have a VHS player in here for Baby's movies. He loves to snuggle up in mommy's big bed. He takes naps in here too. The curtains are white linen with a grey batik print on them. Lovely. Cheap from Ikea. 

We have these shelves on one wall. I love them. They are reclaimed wood from my parents cabin property. WorkinMan made them into shelves with unfinished Ikea brackets. We have books, special mementos, and my jewelry on them. 
This has been one of the best organizing items I have found. I use them everywhere I can. So simple and also easy for children and lazy adults to use :)  I found this peg rack at goodwill. It was red and I spray painted it
yellow. It holds all my scarves and any sweaters that I am too lazy to fold at any certain time.
That ends our tour of our room. Small, simple, somewhat messy but comfortable. My favorite sign is on the door knob. It says "Never wake a sleeping Mom." So true, so true!

Little Mama.


Rhonda said...

Again, feel like I've been over to visit...and you had no bake cookies in the cookie jar!!! No, just kidding. I actually made them this morning...yum. Tastes like home!!! Love you muchly!!!

Anonymous said...

Another Beautiful tour!! I love the
yellow dresser!!! I'll be looking forward to tommorow!!!!!

Tausha said...

Of course you have my dream comforter! I stalk that thing at Target. Oh if only I had money to spend... I love it so. :-)