Wednesday, February 23, 2011

winter change ups. (*edited)

 What happens when you have a stay at home mom who loves to decorate and loves change oh yeah and winter is never ending!?  Well, you get spontaneous changes.  Our coffee table has looked like this for years. Pretty much since I bought it out of the back of some nice lady's pickup. It came to me red with an ugly map decoupaged on it, not well I might add. So I tore that off and painted the whole thing white. I also free handed some sayings about boys around the edge. It was cute but it is winter and I needed a change. Here is a picture of what it looked like before. Baby took this picture of his Papa's Christmas present this year. It is the only picture I could find of the coffee table. :)

I had no idea where I was going with this project or what I wanted the end product to be. Very typical. So I started painting with some paints I had. It wasn't turning out like I wanted, whatever that was. I didn't like it. So I broke out the Orbital Sander. If you do projects and you don't have a sander, get one. My favorite is The Mouse, I believe by Black and Decker. It is the best. Inexpensive, small, and does a great job. We used ours so much that we killed it. Need to get another one. So I borrowed my neighbors Orbital Sander. Thanks Tim!  And I proceeded to sand that bad boy within an inch of it's life. Or for about an hour.
Now it looks like this...

It's a little spotty and a little crazy but I think I like it. I love seeing the green. yellow, black, and red someone painted it before me.

Maybe it needs some more sanding. I think maybe there is too much white showing.  Maybe it needs some tinted glaze, like raw umber. Maybe I should leave it alone. Not sure. Opinions?

Little Mama.

*edited to add that I did do more sanding and added a stain glaze on the whole thing. It is very hard to tell in the pictures but it looks so much better. The stain really helped blend the colors and help it look old.


Monica said...

That is looking so cool! Some glaze might be nice too? I have a little side table I started a while ago and I wanted the same look. I think I need to sand mine more...but I broke our sander too and I got tired of using sand PAPER real fast. (I don't know any of our neighbors, so I can't ask to borrow theirs) My table is definitely not finished...Anyway, enough about me. I love your table and all those cool colors that are showing through!

Little Mama said...

monica you were right! I sanded some more and then used an Instant Age Varnish. It helped to tie all those colors together and not have so much contrast between the white and the green. I ran out of varnish so i only got one coat on but it is helpoing already. I will post a pic when it is done!

sara's art house said...

Love the table!