Saturday, February 26, 2011

choosing to be content.

I have been thinking about this subject for awhile now. Contentment. We as humans, and especially women  I think, compare too much. We compare ourselves, our skills, our families, even our children's skills with others.  And especially with other mothers.  We also compare our homes. We compare how big or small. How they are decorated.  And even the money that goes into them.  We always assume that everything is wonderful behind those walls and that things comes easy.  I can tell you from experience that things are not always what they seem.  You never know where someone is in their journey.  I wish we could be more honest with each other about where we are on our own road.  I think it would let us all off the hook of comparison.  It would help us all be more real.  More authentic.  It might be ugly but at least it would be the truth and that is what I am always looking for.  I would much rather be in a space decorated with love and pennies.  Than a house decorated to the nines with lots of money and a family trying to be someone that they are not.  Lets try it, be as honest and kind as you can to people and maybe it will spread.  Share a little bit of your struggle with someone else and you never know how it may release them from the comparison trap. 

I choose to be content with my old thread bare sofa.  It shows love and time with us.  We are thankful for a place to cuddle and read, a place to lay and watch movies when we are sick.  Even if it does have a few worn holes and stains from our big Boxer cuddling at our feet.  I choose to be content with a home with no architectural elements.  Instead it is full of mementos and old photos.  Old blankets and handmade pillows.  It is full of found treasures.  Rocks and driftwood picked up on nature walks and cheap camping vacations. 

I choose to be happy with a less than perfect house, a less than perfect life.  My Lord tells me that he is not finished with me yet.  I am so thankful for that promise.  I can easily slip into the comparison trap.  Magazines, blogs, and TV all tell me that everyone has more, is doing more and is achieving more than I am.  But I have come to the realization that I am in the most perfect place for me and my family.  Maybe you are exactly where you should be.  I could be out achieving "more" and doing "more."  I could have my children in every activity and sport available.   But that is not where the need is.  I am needed here.  In our home.  With these boys.  And this WorkinMan.  This is where the Lord wants me.  I need to be reminded of that when I look to the outside world for approval and contentment. 

There is a wonderful blog called  She has written about this same subject very well.  It is titled "around the house."  Check it out.  It is a good read. 
What are your thoughts on this subject?  Do you feel the need to pull back sometimes and
go inward to really see all you have?
Do you see yourself falling into this trap?
How do you put it in perspective?
Thanks for stoppin by...
Hope your weekend is lovely, full of relaxing,
cuddling, crafts, reading,
and being with those
you love.

Little Mama.


matchshoterx said...

I LOVE this subject. We talk about contentment a lot in our Mommy Connection at church. It's so easy to look from the outside and think everything is perfect in everyone's lives. It's not, and it's's real. What I have learned is that everyone has seasons in their life and we're not always in the same season. Which is why we shouldn't judge/compare...easier said than done. At Mommy Connection, we find it a great release when someone shares how they gave themselves a mommy timeout- for whatever the reason. We cry, laugh, and discuss our less than perfect lives. It's comforting to hear that other families/moms/kids have the same obstacles. Many of which are blessings! It's a choice to be happy, content, positive, real, and truthful.
My dad has always taught me (more through his actions than his words) to be positive- not fake, but positive. The glass is half-full kind of thing. It's funny tho- positivity can be taken as fake- which I don't care to oblidge.

sara's art house said...

I agree- I compare myself all the time and find myself discontent when I have sooo much to be thankful for.

Mary said...

Amen Little Mama!!!