Friday, February 11, 2011

fashion friday.

I thought it would be fun to start a series here on this little blog o' mine. I get lots of questions about my clothes and such. Where I bought them and how to put things together. Now I will be the first to tell you I have no idea what I am doing. I just know what I like and know how I like to feel. My style is bohemian, colorful and comfortable. I was also thinking that this might help me get out of my sweats on those days when I'm not feeling it knowing  that I will have to take a picture of myself. But I will keep it real. If I am in sweats that I slept in the night before until my husband comes back home from work, I will show you. Some other blogs do things like this too, so it's is not entirely my idea.  I may link up with them at some point. We will see how this goes. So the plan is to take my picture everyday and post them on Friday. I will tell you where I got things and such. I will also try to remember to include jewlery and accesories. I love knowing where people got unique items. Saturday and Sunday will be included too. Hopefully.
So since today is Friday I will show you what I am wearing today. Today my kids are sick. OldestBoy and SportsBoy are home from school. I still had to take their cousin to school and run to Target. Me and Baby went to Target to stock up on meds, o.j. and all the essential sick items. So here is what I wore....
hat- Anthro
tunic and long sleeve shirt- Target
jeans- Goodwill

So here is me. No makeup. Dirty hair- hence the hat. To this outfit I will add fake Uggs and my Mustard Yellow Toggle Coat. It is Minnesota and freezing. I also have stretched ears and go in spurts with what plugs I wear. Right now I am wearing these black horn plugs with red heart cut outs. Yes, my mother still loves me even with huge holes in my ears. :)
Heart Horn Plugs from Body Art Forms.

I also wear my wedding ring everyday with a few precious rings given to me by WorkinMan. They are all stacked up and fit my style of everything is great together.  Starting from the bottom- this ring has all my boys birthstones. Next is a ring with 4 diamonds representing me and the boys. Then my engagement ring. Then last, on top, is a ring with WorkinMan and my birthstones. He had all them made except the engagement ring. Pretty neat.
yes, I have my Mother and Grammy's Hands. Love.

And this is what Baby looks like today and most days really...

I did a little project today when I got home from Target. While there I found some cute Boyfriend jeans on the clearance rack. They have holes in the knees. Which I think is cute but cold. I wanted to put some cute patches or something on. So I got out some fabric that I found at Goodwill, when I scored the curtains. :)  So I cut out some hearts and used some fusible webbing on the back.

no idea how to rotate this photo. bad blogger. sorry.

Then I wanted a little more color and wanted to make sure the "patch" would stay on through washings so I did a little stitching around the edges. Kind of a pain. But totally worth it.
one heart has yellow stitching, the other has green.

I will show a better photo of the jeans next Fashion Friday. I plan on wearing these guys to the Caleb Hawley valentine show tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in. Hope you have a lovely day.

Little Mama.


Rhonda said...

So cute!!! I miss you my Bohemian girl!! Love the picture of Batman. He looks really pissed!! Why are the other 2 sick? Colds or what?

Little Mama said...

fevers, sore throats, and coughs. :(

Rhonda said...

Cute jeans!! Give Caleb a big hug & congrats from his mom & me. We're proud of him here in Europe too & can't wait till he comes this way! We're getting together with Dale & Vicki in London on Monday!! Kiss the boys!!!

Love you girl!

sara's art house said...

Cute outfit and super cute heart patch!!!!

I can't believe you can wear those earrings! Does it hurt- or do you open them up very gradually? See you Minnesotans are all over the funky trends we southerners have never heard of :)

Little Mama said...

sara- you stretch them very gradual. it took me a year to get to this size. if it hurts your doing it wrong. it feels so right and so me. a great decision. thanks for asking:)