Thursday, February 3, 2011


Alright friends and lurkers....I need some help.  I have the awesome new fireplace now. And I have no idea on how to decorate the top. I have never had a mantel before. New territory for me.
Here are some of the issues as I see them. It's not just the mantel I am dealing with:

1. All the shelves pushed together kind of create one long mantel to the eye. Do I address them separately or as a whole?
2. There is not much space between the TV and the mantel. Anything I put there besides the books in the picture below seems to distracting.
3. I have some cords I would like to cover. They come straight down the wall from the TV. They are behind the books in the picture.

So I need your help friends. Lets see how many ideas we can come up with. I like simple but creative. And colorful(duh). And I do love to decorate for the holidays, so it makes me a little sad that I don't have any valentine stuff on this mantel. There is other decorations in the house, have no fear. :) Here is a picture of how it is at present. I played around with a few ideas yesterday, but nothing came out of it that I loved.

Thanks for the help!
Little Mama.


elizabeth said...

i noticed a shelf you have in an earlier post (the post with the polka dot curtains) and i saw it shelf on the left side of your picture window. it looks white with little cubbies. would that work setting it on the mantle? i love those kinds of shelves with little cubbies and that one caught my eye! it's hard to tell the size from pictures so i'm not even sure if that would work. good luck!!

sara's art house said...

I would totally fold up a stack of colorful quilts and put them up there!

Little Mama said...

i love that idea elizabeth. but the cubby shelf is too big. I love it too. Eddie got it for me for my birthday!

Sara, the quilt idea sounds lovely. I have one that needs to be repaired that would work great. thanks for the idea!

ed.peek said...

Hey, little momma, why don't you stack books there? Old ones, like you've just read them, not too neat. Maybe even all the Bibles you have, altho that might not be enough color. Just thinking books would not be distracting.
the old man

Little Mama said...

love the idea dad!! maybe colorful old books! i have some of those already! no $ spent! thanks dad! love you!!!