Tuesday, February 8, 2011

overwhelmed, scared, and all that.

So I have debated over weather or not I want to share this. But this is not just a decorating/crafty blog. It is a place for me to talk. To get those feelings out. So if you were coming for a happy post then maybe check back tomorrow. :)

SportsBoy at his piano recital.
 Well, as you know SportsBoy was home sick yesterday. He has been having bad headaches for the past week and a half. We went to his pediatrician today and he has been diagnosed with migraines. I am still not sure what this all means. But right now I just feel overwhelmed. I, as every parent, hates to see our little one in pain. SportsBoy is not feeling well and that makes me worried and sad and anxious. I am doing some reading and talking with friends who are sufferers of migraines. And all that is helping but right now I just feel overwhelmed. I know that this will pass and I will have a better understanding in a few days.  We are thankful that it is not so much worse. However, he is still my baby and I am worried. I promised that this blog would not be all sunshine. That I would keep it real. This is real life. After the rain the sun will shine and for that I am certain. God has always provided and taken care of us and we have no doubt that he will continue to do that. I ask for your prayers for WorkinMan, myself and the Dr. to do what is best for SportsBoy and figure out all we can to ease his symptoms. Please pray for our baby.

Thanks for all the support.
Little Mama.


ed.peek said...

Well. waht's an old man to say? Of course, he will be fine and so will you, and stronger, too, but I know that doesn't keep you from worrying; me either to be honest. Just do your best to keep it in perspective; if you you're scared, he'll be scared. Remember he actually loves the emergency room! BTW, I want one of those no bakes bad! Neat pic of SportsBoy with his puppy dressed alike! Tot Zeins from AMS.

Rhonda said...

Hey Sweetie! Just saw this post! Try not to worry, like Dad said, he'll worry if he knows you're worried. He's such a neat kid & I'm sure he'll be fine. You all will just work thru the meds & how to deal with all this. Getting outside & playing will help a lot. I never realized; he started having such headaches when the weather got so cold & he couldn't get outside. Everyone needs fresh air!! No, I haven't made Dad the No Bakes yet!! Love you guys!!!

Toni said...

I have a friend who's daughter has migrane issues....I can connect the two of you if you wish.

Little Mama said...

toni- that is so sweet of you. thank you. have her fb me and pop in a note that tells me who she is, so i remember :) we will take all the help/info we can get. Thanks so much!!