Friday, February 11, 2011

Is it bad?

-Is it bad that I let my kids wear dirty socks?

-Is it bad that I clip my nails really short?

-Is it bad that I don't like to leave the house?

-Is it bad that I think it's funny when my kids say bad stuff?

-Is it bad that I hate to shower and don't mind being dirty?

-Is it bad that I love it when my hands smell like onions?

-Is it bad that I am obsessed with clean ears, in everyone?

-Is it bad that my room is as messy as it was when I was a teenager?

-Is it bad that I think our kids are the coolest?

-Is it bad that I can literally tune you out?

-Is it bad that I love my pet but think it's annoying when people treat their pets like people?

-Is it bad that I think my brother is the funniest guy?

-Is it bad that people who pretend that everything is great bug the hell out of me?

-Is it bad that I can talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything, and do?

-Is it bad that it drives me crazy when friends don't hold each other accountable?

-Is it bad that my 3 year old still has a Nuk and I don't care?

-Is it bad that I love the quiet?

-Is it bad that WorkinMan lets me do whatever to the house that I want and will help?

-Is it bad that I would rather shop at a thrift store than anywhere else?

to be continued......


Rhonda said...

I think it's very cool that you're comfortable in your own skin!!!

sara said...

If all that is bad, we can be bad together! LOL Except the onion are on your own!

ganny said...

I love it Kelly!! I love the smell of onions (and garlic) on my hands! LOL

sara's art house said...

This is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

These are the reasons you are loved!

Tausha said...

Kelly! I love you! I have like 10 of these myself, and no,it's not bad... thank you for being you.