Sunday, January 23, 2011

photo session!

Wanted to tell you about an awesome time my family and I had! We got our pictures taken this fall by a long time friend of ours, Katy Hall. Now most of the time when you mention "getting your picture taken" to my house full of boys you get many groans and "please mom no!". This time it was so different. First, our session was outside. Huge plus for my family! Do not coop my boys up inside, you will regret it. Second, it was relatively short, 45min. Third, Katy is amazing. She helps make it fun and enjoyable. She has a way of making the children comfortable and want to be there. It also helps that she is beautiful so my boys were smitten. A cute girl makes everything better!  It was so lovely. Even WorkinMan had a good time. And he hates this kind of thing! Now, I can't show you a lot of our photos because for now I have chosen not to show my children's faces on this blog. That may change in the future, but for now that is what we are comfortable with. So here are the ones I can show. 

So that just gives you a small taste of Katy's talent. I wish I could show you them all! Katy doesn't just take family photos. She does senior pictures, newborns, preggers, engagement, wedding. You name it this girls does it. Her photo sessions can be outdoors or indoors at her studio. Which has so much character. The other thing I think that really sets Katy apart is her eye. She is very original. She has lots of props and ideas. And also welcomes your ideas. The banner you see strung in the trees in the last 2 photos is mine. One I made and that hung in our home. She also took photos of the whole family sitting on a blanket made by my grandmother. These photos I will cherish forever. She captured moments with me, my husband and our children that are so special.  And it was an awesome day spent together. We had a wonderful day all together as a family.

A few tips when getting family pictures taken or photos involving children. These might seem obvious but sometimes us parents need to be reminded.  Pick a time that is best for your children. Make sure they are rested and fed. Take play breaks. While brother is getting his picture taken let sister go play or run. Bring snacks! Granola bars, fruit, anything not messy and water. Everything is better with snacks! Those are my amazing tips for a fun family photo session.  Go see Katy for all your photo needs. She is lovely. A wife, a child of God, an amazing stay at home mama to 4! adorable girls and just an all around fun gal! If you would like to contact Katy and check out more of her work please go to her website at   You will not be disappointed!

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